At CAPITOL BUSINESS PRINTS, our goal is to provide you with professional hands-on service at the highest level, offering a wide range of value-added Designs and Printing Solutions and Products

CAPITOL BUSINESS PRINTS conducts its business within three focus areas. The first focus lies in providing the best possible service at competitive prices. Secondly, we pride ourselves in giving you, the client, the best possible products of unmatched quality. In the third place we offer a shorter turnaround time. With the increasing demand for shorter turnaround times, we came up with a solution that can satisfy even the most demanding end user requirements.

We offer our service to other trade printers and work closely with a wide variety of partners in the printing industry.

Whatever your requirements, we can print it! With customer satisfaction guaranteed.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Our "Vision" is to promote state of the art technology to be used to your atvantage, well advanced solutions to benefit your companies needs and friendly service.